Articles and Publications

I have written various articles about photography and documentary issues. While I write on my own publishing platforms, I have also had articles published by others. The articles listed below are in order by most recent to oldest and indicate the publication in which they appeared. The "Viewfinder" is the quarterly publication of the International Leica Society (LHSA), with members in over 20 countries around the world. Some of these articles are shown on this web site as I originally wrote them and with a larger selection of images.

  • "Taking a Travel MATE," *Viewfinder* Volume 52, Issue 2, beginning page 32
  • "Southern Iceland," *Viewfinder* Volume 52, Issue 1, beginning page 18
  • "Iceland's Summertime Auroras," (Cover) *Viewfinder* Volume 51, Issue 4, beginning page 32
  • "Remembering 9/11," *Viewfinder* Volume 51, Issue 3, beginning page 8
  • "Flamenco in Madrid," *Viewfinder* Volume 51, Issue 2, beginning page 30
  • "Matanuska Glacier & The X-U," *Viewfinder* Volume 50, Issue 4, beginning page 40
  • "IXMOO," *Viewfinder* Volume 50, Issue, 3, beginning page 54


I have self-published several books. Several of them are published for charity purposes through my non-profit organization, Mission Photography and can be ordered directly.

Image Awards and Mentions

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