Mission Photography

What is Mission Photography?

Mission Photography, Inc. is a United States 501c3 organization that promotes education of social and humanitarian projects worldwide through photography. David Knoble is the founding member and uses his photography and journalism skills to provide real stories about these projects. You can support our mission by purchasing our books and photographic prints.

Created in 2016, all proceeds from documentary work, net of the cost of prints and published books, is used to provide unrestricted support for the social or humanitarian project. Any additional unrestricted donations that are not purchases help cover the cost of travel to and from locations and any other administrative costs. All photographers provide their own equipment. So, your purchase of these materials becomes more than just a gift, but an education for all those you share your purchase with. By providing journalism style products, education about people and places difficult for many to ever visit becomes a reality.

Our First Project

Notes made in Bayonnais used to create the first documentary

During 2017, David spent over a week in Bayonnais, Haiti working with the local medical clinic and the Institute Classique de Bayonnais, a school for children through the 13th Grade. The result of that work is a A Fly in the Donkey's Eye that contains over 150 pages of images and 13 stories about the people there. There is a variety of fine art prints that can be purchased and bundles of notecards. The first 20 volumes will be numbered and signed at no additional cost.

This work includes stories about Jamison - now an architect, Facile - a music teacher and craftsman and Faustin Charles - a surgeon that was celebrated coming home while I was there. I talk about the medical clinic and its limited resources, the few utilities that are in use, the market, the one meal cooked for 1,800 children each day and the effect of the school in helping create a middle class in Bayonnais.

Bayonnais is nestled in the mountains of the Artibonite Department, near Gonnaives in the northern part of Haiti. Haitians love stories and use them to teach each other important lessons. A Fly in the Donkey's Eye is one such story about some that may be appearing to offer help, but only in return for personal gain. Actionnel Fleurisma's story provided the basis for planning this trip to Haiti and he wrote it down while I visited. A copy of Actionnel's notes and my notes made in Bayonnais are shown here.

Please consider supporting this important medical and educational work through a donation or a purchase of this documentary. Through Blurb publishing, this documentary can be shipped to various places around the world. There are multiple collections of images in the 2017 Bayonnais, Haiti gallery shown below.

NOTE: Currently fine art prints are produced and sold in person. We hope to add the ability for online purchases of 11x17 signed fine art prints, 8x10 signed prints and bundles of note cards.

2017 Bayonnais, Haiti