Jamison - Determined

Jamison lived in the mountains and walked several hours to and from school, sometimes in the pouring rain. Even after his father left, he still made education his first priority. Today, Jamison finishes at the university as an architect. He has designed a library for Gonnaives and what will be the tallest building there if it comes to fruition.

This collection of images is part of my published work, A Fly in the Donkey's Eye, through Mission Photography. This United States 501c3 organization provides charitable receipts for purchases of this work that allow a tax deduction in the United States. All of the net proceeds of the sale of this work, less the cost of printing the book, go back to Bayonnais, Haiti in support of the school and medical clinic there. We also sell 11x17 fine art prints and packages of 10 greeting cards - please email me for more information.