A well known photographer once told me:

Images of things do not tell a story. You need to study the masters and understand why they used a certain lens, why they used a certain angle and why they positioned people the way they did. In short, learn to tell a story with a single image.

Here are images that mostly begin around 2016 and reflect my increasing desire to refine documentary style photography and tell more stories. Some of my stories reflect unique locations (the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska), some work I am doing to raise awareness of worldwide social and humanitarian issues (Mission Photography) and some, although longer term projects, reflect environmental issues (the necessity of our coastal marshes).

Sometimes simple is better and the goal of this site is to showcase images, not provide social media marketing. As the internet provides a varied platform for publishing, some stories are better shown in a different layout. I provide links to those stories throughout with a summary and images here.