People of Bayonnais

During my 2017 visit to Bayonnais, Haiti, I met a wonderful group of people connected to the medical clinic and school. Some spoke French, others a little English, and many only Kreyol. We always found ways to communicate. We always found ways to share stories and experiences. Based on this little time together, I am confident that the people of Bayonnais will be sucessful educating their children and improving their position. These are a wonderful people and I cannot wait to return.

These images represent what I saw as the essence of the people in Bayonnais. In some cases you can see the story of A Fly in the Donkey's Eye and in others, just pure joy and friendship.

This collection of images is part of my published work, A Fly in the Donkey's Eye, through Mission Photography. This United States 501c3 organization provides charitable receipts for purchases of this work that allow a tax deduction in the United States. All of the net proceeds of the sale of this work, less the cost of printing the book, go back to Bayonnais, Haiti in support of the school and medical clinic there. We also sell 11x17 fine art prints and packages of 10 greeting cards - please email me for more information.