Puerto Rico - Old San Juan Color

Old San Juan has the color and charm you would expect of a West Indies town with history from the early explorers. There is still a gate in the old wall called the La Puera de San Juan that visitors would go through and walk up La Caleta de San Juan leading them up the hill to the old church - the Catedral de San Juan Bautista. Here they would gave thanks for a safe voyage.

Old San Juan is also known for taking good care of its stray cat population, but not always. As people inhabited the Island, the rats came. So cats were used to keep the rat population low, which also helps slow the spread of disease. Over time some have thought it would be better to remove the feral cat population. Others disagree and so, Save a Gato was born to help care for the cats.

Note: Since Hurricane Maria in 2017, I have not see the web site active, www.saveagato.org, but Facebook continues to post.

These images were taken at Old San Juan in October, 2015. Read a copy of the published article, Puerto Rico - Taking a Travel MATE.