Madrid - Flamenco

Flamenco is an extremely complex art form from some very specific regions of Spain. While the most authentic performances are from the Spanish born, the roots of Flamenco are not necessarily people of Spanish origin. Flamenco is made up of cante, toque, bale, paleo, palmas, and pitos (singing, guitar playing, dancing, vocalizing, clapping and finger snapping). But the meaning behind this mixture is much more than meets the eyes.

Flamenco is in the details. Flamenco is in some ways very similar to the blues or jazz. Flamenco has over 50 different styles, or palos. Each has rules that must be followed. When a group decides on a style to perform, they follow those basic rules, but the improvisation is what separates the performances. While some parts of the Flamenco may be rehearsed, like a good blues or jazz musician, the rest is improvised with the mood.

These images were taken in Madrid at a performance at the Cardamomo Table Flamenco, September 2016. Read a copy of the published article, Madrid Flamenco with the Leica MD.