Festival Setup

An Afternoon with the Leica MP

As I often do, I was walking around Main Street in Old Town, Rock Hill, South Carolina with my camera. That particular day I was met with a group of guys running around, dragging extension cords and rubber packages through a section of Main Street. Hooking up the cords to small boxes and connecting them […]

Perfect Light

Freedom Alley

This particular image is one of those I made because I walk around downtown Rock Hill in South Carolina every day. I work there, so I take advantage of the opportunity. In fact, people that don’t know my name have referred to me as ‘the guy with the camera’ because I always have it with […]

More White Street Sewer Construction

Shooting with a Nikon F2

White street continues to have new pipes laid and connected like an erector set. Interestingly enough, there was a drill in the parking area behind Caldwell street that pulled up dirt from the screw. The dirt was manually taken into the construction area with wheelbarrows and a surveyor sited the next drilling site. All the […]

White Street Sewer Construction

Shooting with a Nikon F2

Working in a small town affords the ability to see changes around you. There is a water and sewer construction project that has been digging up White Street for over a year now. The second short stretch is in the works, and significant work is left to do. I have been talking with the subcontractors […]

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