Seasons of Sand

Light is everything. Especially at the beach, lighting controls texture and tone. For many, the beach is simply sand. However, the sand has seasons and to those that live on an island, the seasons of the sand are evident. The summer sand is my favorite. The light dusting that resembles confectioners sugar is tiny, light […]

Festival Setup

An Afternoon with the Leica MP

As I often do, I was walking around Main Street in Old Town, Rock Hill, South Carolina with my camera. That particular day I was met with a group of guys running around, dragging extension cords and rubber packages through a section of Main Street. Hooking up the cords to small boxes and connecting them […]

More White Street Sewer Construction

Shooting with a Nikon F2

White street continues to have new pipes laid and connected like an erector set. Interestingly enough, there was a drill in the parking area behind Caldwell street that pulled up dirt from the screw. The dirt was manually taken into the construction area with wheelbarrows and a surveyor sited the next drilling site. All the […]

White Street Sewer Construction

Shooting with a Nikon F2

Working in a small town affords the ability to see changes around you. There is a water and sewer construction project that has been digging up White Street for over a year now. The second short stretch is in the works, and significant work is left to do. I have been talking with the subcontractors […]

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